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Suction Unit Controller
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Suction Unit Controller


Portable type suction Controller Features

Simple structure and light weight.

TFS-30 is a very powerful device for suction in surgery, endoscopy,

   nursing and gynecology.

Case is made of ABS Plastic material.(TFS-40)

TFS-40 and 30 are provided with Anti-over flow device in Collection bottle.

The material of hose is 100% of silicone and there is no metamorphosis

   during longer operation.

The material of high-volume bottle is Poly Carbonate and it is unbreakable

   and Autoclavable.

The cap of bottle can be opened / closed easily.(One-touch type)



 Stand type suction Controller Features

Easy to use and light weight.

The Oil-less Vacuum pump newly applied for to provide a comfortable

   environment for user without oil mist.

Maximum vacuum pressure is upto 735 mmHg.(TSA-40)

TSA-40 is Provided with Anti-over flow device in Collection bottle.

TSA-40 Provided with big size Collection bottle could permit long time

    operation continuously.

The Collection bottles are exposed in the front and be removed easily.

Using silicon tube for not only outer tubing but also inner tubing for

   maximum durability.